I’m so not prepared to be a mom but here I am, 15 years in!

That’s what moms do, that’s how moms are and no, there is no guide or example that teaches women what being a mom is all about.


There is no preparation for being a mother, no book, no old wives tales, or television show can enlighten a woman for what it’s really like to be a mom.  Even my pregnancy mom bible, What to Expect When You’re Expecting was only a primer for the real deal. Clair Huxtable, Florida Evans and Elyse Keaton could not truly explain what I was getting myself into.

When we were young children we watched our mothers sacrifice their time, money and feelings to give us everything they wanted us to have. They disciplined us when it was most difficult to do and praised us even when we didn’t deserve it.

We watched our moms navigate relationships, celebrating and also struggling to find fulfillment and love. We watched our moms never give up on their own dreams while supporting everyone else to achieve theirs. And if they passed on, through their last days we felt their concern for our future without them.


I wonder, if I had known all that it takes to be a mom, would I have made the choice to birth two children. The crazy thing is, yes I would absolutely choose over and over again to be a mom. Why? Because it’s the greatest, most challenging and rewarding experience I live every day.

I’m part of an exclusive club where I can look over at a new mom in a grocery store, struggling with her toddler and smile, remembering when I was in that exact same predicament. Screaming child, judging eyes, absolute embarrassment and confusion about what to do next!

Or I hear my mom, yelling at my kids with a voice that sounds so much like my own, “Did you hear what I said? Clean your room, and no, you can’t do what you want to do until you’ve done what you have to do!” – Yes, I have actually become my mom and I’m saying things I swore I would never say.

Through my journey of motherhood, I pray for many more years of nurturing my children to be the best they can be, to help them achieve their dreams and then oh yeah, praying for them to come back and take care of me when I am the one wearing diapers! Let’s be honest. That’s what all this sacrifice is really about, right.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, my aunts, my sisters, my friends and every woman who raises children.

So it goes…