Where is My Coffee Mug?!

Sleep woman 1

I am a morning person.  Kevin is not. When it comes to our waking moments we are complete opposites. For me life should be lived when the sun is up and I can see outside the window. Kevin lives by the light of the moon.

How we got together with such opposite lifestyles I’ll never know but here we are.   As my internal clock is shutting off at 9 pm, he is getting revved up to work; television going while he has on his headphones playing the guitar and writing music. Go figure!

So as daybreak comes and I am well rested from a good warm sleep under cozy blankets and fluffy pillows, I turn on NPR radio, brew some canned coffee and brush my teeth.  Teeth are the first thing I do.  I can’t stand a dirty morning mouth.  With the coffee brewing and the radio playing I start yelling up the stairs from the kitchen, “Time to get up!”

After a steamy shower and wardrobe change, I start my makeup regimen.   Moisturizer, eye cream, a little eye shadow to cover my age lines, a little more moisturizer to smooth my skin and lots of concealer for the darkened circles under my eyes.  Ok.  I guess I’ll pass the ‘looking acceptable for today’ test.

“Hey, time to get up,” I yell again since I don’t hear anyone moving.  I don’t know why but 30 minutes in the morning feels more like three. It goes so fast!

“Get up!  Do you hear me?!”

Finally I see a flickering light from the upstairs and hear someone groan.

Good they are getting up …I think .  “Time to go,” I yell as one last precaution that I mean business.

Humph, I have a few extra minutes to sit and check emails before work.  As I look through the first email messages the smell of the brewing coffee overpowers my ability to concentrate and like a zombie in a trance I get up for my cup o’ joe.

I search through the dish drain looking for my stainless steal Dunkin’ Donuts coffee travel mug. It’s my favorite coffee mug, a gift from my best friend; wide enough for a steady grip, plastic top that screws on to make sure the coffee doesn’t spill and cute enough for a hip mom like myself to carry.

I start clanging and rattling dishes in the drain thinking that maybe my mug is underneath a bowl or plate.  Well I’ll just put the dishes away since I am going through them, I think.  No mug.

Maybe I put the mug away in the cabinet. I open the doors to a sea of randomly placed glasses, plates and plastic remnants that once had matching tops and bottoms. “Someone has to clean this mess,” I say aloud.

By this time I notice that I no one else has joined me in the kitchen.

“Hey!  Time to get up!”  I yell.  “Lets go!”

I’m getting desperate now. I am missing my “morning mom moments”, you know, that time that belongs to you and you alone. No Disney channel, no bickering about “He touched me!” “She called me stupid!” or “Honey we don’t have any toilet paper”.  You know what I mean.  This is my time to sip my favorite warm drink in the early morning hours, to smell the rich aroma of coffee with half and half while I do what I want, dream of all the things I want to do when I finally grow up.   You got to get that mom time when you can…minute by minute.

So looking up intently into the cabinets with my hands on my hips, I feel my blood pressure rising as I am desperate to find that mug. Now where is my coffee mug?  I look past all the mugs that don’t have a lid, are cracked, are ugly or I’m just not sure where it came from. Hoping that my favorite mug will just jump out from behind the others as if it were playing hide and seek I stand there hopeful that it will show itself and stop this miserable game.

“Hi Ma,” a small voice behind me says.

“Good morning honey,” another voice cracks.

“Yeah, um, have you all seen my coffee mug?”  I turn around to an empty room. I hear the bathroom door shut and I am alone in the kitchen turning back to stare into the cabinets.

All right, I see I am going to have to look for this myself. I start to pull down the plates, cups, glasses and bungled plastic containers from the cabinets. I look over at the clock to make sure I have time before I need to leave to catch the train.  I have 10 minutes.

I get to work!

Within 2 minutes I have unleashed wrath on our kitchen counter by dumping everything that had been cluttered in our kitchen cabinet since we moved in our house almost eight years ago.  Finally, on the top shelf in the very back I see it!  It was laying in its side alone and waiting for me.

“Ah ha!”  I squeal.

“Now I can get going,” I say aloud. I pour the coffee, add my half and half and put the lid on.

The kids and Kevin finally make their way to join me in the kitchen.  “Good morning guys!” I smile brightly.

“Uh, honey what is going on here”, asks Kevin.  “What’s all this stuff doing out of the cabinets?”

“I couldn’t find my coffee mug,” I say. “But look I found it in the back.”  I stand there proud showing him my mug as if I’d been on some great dinosaur dig.

“Great honey,” Kevin says. “I’m glad you found your mug. Couldn’t you use one of the others that are right here?”  He points to the six others that are standing at attention in the counter just waiting to be held.

“Well, I don’t really like that one, that one there doesn’t have a top, the red one is ugly and those other ones, I mean I just don’t know where they came from,” I say.

“Oh,” Kevin says.  And everyone but Max leaves the room to tend to their own morning rituals.

“Um hello people,” I yell!  “It’s time to go.” Coats, boots scarves, hats, bags and lunches go flying in a busying manner.  Time has passed and sacred mommy time is over. Everyone gathers by the door to leave for the day.

Packed in the car on the way to the train I reach for my favorite Dunkin’ Donuts coffee mug to sip some warm gold.  It’s not in the cup holder.

“Where is my coffee mug,” I yell.

“It’s on the counter where you left it,” says Kevin.


So it goes…